1 single point of contact for 38 emblematic places

What is E10.10 ?

E10.10 Euroméditerranée was born from the idea of bringing together the various event venues, hotels and restaurants of the Euroméditerranée business district in order to create the 3rd event center in Marseille. 

It represents a project in which the DNA is rooted in its time, residing on the complementarity and diversity of spaces.

This package offers formats of original and flexible events, making them unique.

The interest? Propose various combinations of spaces and services according to your needs and desires, via a single contact person and an original offer in order to live a unique experience each time you visit the city of Marseille.

There is a wide range of services to choose among 38 spaces : Roadshow, conference, incentive seminar, creative workshop, E-sport competition, accommodation, catering… 

E10.10 Euroméditerrannée Event gathers different places in the Euroméditerrannée business district in Marseille. This offer groups key locations of Euroméditerranée whose activity and format can answer to the demands of B2B events : Event spaces, hotels, and catering spaces. 

Who E10.10 is for ? E10.10 is intended for any national and international structures wishing to organize an event. This pooling of local offers allows E10.10 to host national and international events. 

Why E10.10 ? The objective here is not to promote each place as such, but create a dynamic around the initial Euroméditerrannée project : The economic, environmental, social and cultural development of our territory.

Why choose Marseille for your event?

What are E10.10 objectives ?

Alone we go faster, together we go further

1 single contact person for 38 emblematic spaces is the maxim of E10.10. Us, E10.10 partners ask ourselves how we could facilitate exchanges and the planning of an event. E10.10 was born from the gathering of different places of the same district in order to create a community of places to facilitate exchanges and the organization of your event.

Here are the 5 main objectives of E10.10 

Create a synergy between places

There is strength in numbers. The combined efforts of each site allow an interesting synergy. Each location supports and moves forward together toward a same objective in a climate of trust and openness : The objective of synergy and facilitation of your events. 

Facilitate events organization 

What could be easier than to let your interlocutor take care of everything for you ? E10.10 allows a fluidity of exchanges between spaces and saves you some time. This way, your single contact person takes care of your event from the beginning to end without having to get in touch with the different providers. We are listening to your requests and objectives, and your interlocutor is in charge of everything to facilitate your organization. 

Pooling activities, formats, and specificities of each location 

Each location is unique, with its own personality, but what better way to offer you the best and most unique event than by pooling all these unique entities? This allows us to guarantee you a customized event thanks to the specificity of each space. The objective of pooling is to welcome larger events (100 to 2000 people) that each venue independently could not necessarily accommodate.

Provide a unique force of proposal with a diversified offer

Who says pooling of spaces, says pooling of the contacts of each space. This centralization allows your interlocutor to be a force of proposal. This contact person will know how to get involved, anticipate, propose and react in any circumstances. 

  • Be reactive with a clear and diversified offer 

With E10.10, our goal is to provide you with the most suitable offer for your request, according to your objectives and what you wish for. We are committed to offer you reactivity, and that is why we have chosen to designate a single contact person who will take care of your case from beginning to end. 

We started from the fact that the more contact people we had, the more complicated it was for the customer. Your single contact person will allow you to be quick and fluid.

What are the benefits of hosting an event with E10.10?

Organizing your event through E10.10 has advantages:

  • facilitation

Entrusting the organization of your event to E10.10 will allow you to save time through exchanges with a single contact and single invoicing. Thanks to the perfect knowledge of all the places, the referent of your file will be able to bring you the best advice and will facilitate the organization of your event.

  • Proximity  

The E10.10 managers of each location know each other location individually. They provide each E10.10 client with natural empathy, listening and personalized help so that everyone feels valued and ready to experience a unique event. This proximity joins another value, the sense of service; E10.10 is committed to developing long-term partnerships with employees, as well as with loyal companies. The only objective is to satisfy the interlocutors on a daily basis, with professionalism and reactivity.

  • Eco-responsibility

For E10.10, eco-responsibility is essential. The proximity of the 38 places is part of the ecological approach of E10.10.

Let’s save the planet and move in a more ecological way thanks to the centralization of all spaces.